3 Agt 2010

M282- Tintoys Truk Minyak

Merk Nylint, made in USA
body dari kaleng/plat besi
panjang sekitar 54cm, tintoys terpanjang yg pernah sy dapat
Terjual !!
Pressed steel toys by the Ny-lint (later Nylint) Tool and Manufacturing Company of Rockford,
Illinois are considered by many as among the best American toys ever manufactured. Their line
included literally hundreds of models of construction equipment, trucks, and cars.

Especially during the 1950’s and 60’s, Nylint toys were often faithful replicas of real pieces of
machinery and automobiles made by leading US manufacturers. In fact, many people are of the
opinion that Nylint’s toy Ford Econolines and their F-Series Ford trucks were actually better
styled than their real-life counterparts!